Your Body, Your Fertility

The potential of a new life stage, ‘the planning for a baby’, requires some advance mind and body preparation.

Maybe you’re not ready to try for a baby, but you’d like the option to have a family one day. At Bali Fertility Centre, we’re passionate about helping you proactively manage your reproductive health. Our comprehensive resources can help you boost your fertility now—so you can get pregnant later.

Check your chance of natural conception

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Check your chance of natural conception

Choose your age

At the age of 22

Your chance of natural conception per month is 26%

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To avoid age-related infertility at an age when their fertility is likely to have declined, you can freeze your eggs when you are younger and use them when the time to have children is right for you.

These numbers are only estimates and do not take into account personal factors.

We recommend contacting us and booking in an appointment with our fertility specialists if you are concerned.

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